“We are excited about the positive impact and future potential of Lifebridge, led by James and Usha Chacko. We are pleased to be partnering with them to spread the good news about Jesus Christ to people in Chandigah, Northern India and beyond. Please support them in any way you can.”

Dr. Mark Conner, Senior Pastor
CityLife Church
Melbourne, Australia

“I have known Rev. James Chacko since he was a student at COTR Theological College in India in the early 1980’s. … He is an excellent preacher, writer and administrator with a keen understanding of the condition of the Church in India today. James Chacko represents a new breed of young, anointed, indigenous missiologists who will powerfully impact that great nation for Jesus Christ. It is my pleasure to recommend his ministry to you.”

Dr. David Shibley, President
Global Advance
Texas, USA

“It is a joy to work with Pastor James Chacko. He works with passion and integrity as he endeavors to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached millions of India. He is always looking for innovative ways to present the Gospel to those who have never heard of Jesus and His love. He also understands the needs of many very poor village pastors and takes training and encouragement to them on a regular basis. He is truly a man with the heart of God for his own nation.”

Norene De Monnin, Founder
Tent Peg Ministries, Seattle, USA

“Dr. James and Usha are innovators as ministers, leaders with an apostolic anointing reaching out from India into the uttermost parts of the world. We have worked with Dr. Chacko for many years always with the confidence in his knowledge of ministry, administration skills, and insight to multiple cultures in the 10-40 window. The vision that God has given Dr. Chacko is impacting thousands of people; helping other pastors and leaders become more effective in ministry. It is always and honor and pleasure to link arms with James and Usha and their team of leaders.”

Dr. Henry and Beverly Holland, Founders & President
New Beginnings Ministries, Texas, USA

“James Chako and his entire family of LifeBridge Ministries are considered a regular part of the Lake Missionary Church family. James & Usha’s ministry in India, whether training and equipping pastors and leaders of churches, or leading the LifeBridge church, or through the organization and leadership brought to the many children’s homes that have been created in their region, have literally been used by God’s Holy Spirit to transform lives in such a positive, eternal way! We here at Lake Missionary Church consider it an honor and a privilege to partner with James’ ministry and have even experienced life-changing transformation right here in our church whenever James and family visits the states and shares his heart with us as a church!”

Pastor Lance Witham, Lead Pastor
Lake Missionary Church, Indiana, USA

“I first became aware of James and Usha Chacko while I served on the International Board of Directors at Christ for India. Since that time, I have been privileged to work together with LifeBridge Ministries, the ministry they so powerfully lead, to affect not only the regions of India they serve but also to reach the Hindi speaking population of the whole world for the cause of Christ. From training church planters to holding evangelistic events, from child sponsorship programs to the providing of Christian resources, their work never ceases to enhance and advance the Kingdom of God in this generation.Through our combined efforts my friend and brother James organized the translation, printing, and distribution of tens of thousands of daily devotions into Hindi to be used as a tool for the daily discipleship and personal growth in the Word. These devotions are not only distributed in booklet form in Hindi but are also available to the whole world via the Internet, whereby many are being trained to walk their faith in light of God’s Word. Brother James is also a much sought after conference speaker and disciple maker. Through the years we have partnered together and seen his tremendous influence bless works I oversee in neighboring countries. James is a true light of the Gospel of Christ, bringing hope and help to a lost and dying world. God bless you my brother, the journey is your friend.”

Dr. Ron Hammonds, Founder & CEO
Ron Hammonds Ministries
Texas, USA

I am impressed and excited by the Vision statement of LifeBridge Ministries. It has a dual focus: firstly fulfilling Christ's Great Commission through equipping church planters, and secondly, obeying Christ's New Commandment to love one another through care for the poor among the unreached. This is a fine expression of Christian commitment and it should be supported in every way possible.

James Chacko has a long history of Christian service and LifeBridge Ministries has great potential to contribute significantly to the growth of the church in India. James is a dynamic, creative, thoughtful and faithful servant of Christ.

I first met James in the early 1990's when he was studying in Australia and it has been a pleasure to watch his developing ministry over the years, to know Usha and to have visited them (albeit briefly) in India. They are committed to the long-term and I pray that LifeBridge Ministries will continue to grow and develop. I commend it to you as well.

Dr. Brian Edgar
Professor of Theological Studies
Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky, USA

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